Carbon46 was inspired by my love for chemistry, food, nutrition, and Persian culture. I believe that we can achieve the optimal state of wellness for our body, and in order to do so, we need to understand the chemistry of nutrients and their relationship with each other.

I draw on my experiences of cooking and sharing meals with friends and family to inspire my approach. I loved the time I spent as a kid helping in the kitchen by my parents’ side, creating delicious, healthy, healing meals. Some of my fondest memories are of gardening with my dad and patiently waiting for our herbs and vegetables to grow so we could use them in the kitchen. My aunt was also great at teaching me all the traditional Persian home remedies that were passed down generations, made just by using things that can be found in the kitchen, pantry, or garden.

As my experience as a functional nutritionist grew, I came to understand the health benefits that specific foods and food combinations offer. My passion started with the rich and beautiful Persian culture I grew up in, and over time grew, incorporating what I’ve learned from many other eastern cultures and how they use the elements in nature to nurture themselves back to health.

Food is so healing on so many levels. I want to nurture and support you in experiencing a positive, beautiful relationship with food.

Live a healthier and richer life with clean Persian cuisine.