Body scrubs

There are 3 main types of scrubs
  •  Sugar
  • Salt
  • Oatmeal

Chamomile Oatmeal scrub

45 gms Cornmeal
30gms rolled oats
30 gms finely ground almonds
1 Tbs Jojoba oil
6 drops chamomile EO
4 drops Geranium

Grind oats, cornmeal and almonds in a coffee grinder to a fine texture. Put them in a glass container with the EO’s. When you are ready to use it add the jojoba oil to the mixture.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

½ cup brown sugar
2 Tbs jojoba oil
1 Tbs Glycerine(optional)
4 drops sandalwood EO
8 drops Lavender EO

Mix and use.

Honey and Yoghurt Scrub

¼ cup finely ground rolled oats
¼ cup wheat bran
1 Tbs jojoba oil
1 Tbs Raw Honey
½ cup natural yoghurt
8 drops lavender EO
2 drops Rose EO
2 drops Chamomile EO

Mix oats and wheat bran and EO’s. You can then store these until you are
ready to use them. When you want to use them you add the other
ingredients. (This is great for people with sensitive skin)

Lemon sugar scrub

250 gms sugar
100mls jojoba oil
15 drops lemon EO

Combine and use.

Minty Salt Scrub

500 gms sea salt
200 mls favorite carrier oil( look at carrier oil section to see qualities of
8 drops peppermint EO
8 drops Spearmint EO
8 drops Lemon EO

Combine and use